IPL Schedule
2020 Schedule:

Sat. July 11     Idaville In. 6:00pm    A/H/L
Wed. July 15     Wabash In. 7:00pm     LLSS/DT/L
Thur. July 16      Greentown In. 7:00pm    F/M/L/DT  Cancelled
Fri. July 17     Greentown In. 7:00pm     H/L/DT
Sat. July 18     Tipton In. 8:00pm    M/H/L/2.6 DT*
Sun. July 19      Columbia City In. 4:30pm     M/H/DT
Sat. July 25      Rensselear In. 7:00pm
cdt**  A/H/DT/F   Cancelled

Sat. Aug 1     Colfax In. 7:00pm    A/H/M/LC
Sat. Aug 8     Idaville In. 6:00pm  A/H/L/DT
Sat. Aug 15   Arcola Ind. 7:00pm    F/H/LC/DT    Cancelled
Sat. Aug 22     Tipton In. 8:00pm     M/H/L/DT/LLSS

Fri. Sept 4    The MEC Shipshewana In. 7:00pm     SS 2wd Truck,
2.4/2.6 Diesel Truck, 6500 Altered Gas 4x4, 3.0 Diesel Trucks
Sat. Sept 5     The MEC Shipshewana In. 6:00pm    F,M,H,LLP

Sat. Sept 5    Earl Park In. 12:00pm     H/M/L    Cancelled
Sat. Sept 5     North Salem In. 3:00pm     A   Cancelled
Sat. Sept 12     Flora In.
5:00pm     H/A/F/L
Sat. Sept 19     Gas City In. 7:00pm     F/H/M/L/DT

H-Hot Farm M-Modifieds L-Light/Limited Pro Stock A-Altered Farm
LC-Light Combo  F-Farm Stock  DT-Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks
HC-Heavy Combo   LLSS-Light Limited Super Stock

All times Eastern Time Zone unless specified